About us

ZZ Exporter is a Gaziantep Turkey based export – import company of consumer and business products. We will help you find right manufacturer / factory, negotiate best price for quality or cheap product, export your order from Turkey.

ZZ Exporter handles every step of buying goods from Turkey starting from price negotiation to custom clearance. We have happy customers around the globe !

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ZZ Exporter services as agent:

Online impression can’t reflect reality. Every B2B contact should start with face-to-face meeting, visual inspection of factory and reliable insight information. Spending money on regular basis visits is both time and money consuming. But what if you had a trusted person whose priority is your interest? We will inspect any manufacturer exactly when you need without losing time in endless flights and securing your company from potentially unfruitful visits.
We offer you such control for FREE!

  • Manufacturer background check
  • Product quality inspection
  • Insight information
  • Visits and negotiations on your behalf

No manufacturer will provide competitive price without your presence in the region and rich purchase history this is well-known truth. This makes import from Turkey not easy. Due to our reputation and high volume of combined orders every our price request is met with deep interest from manufacturers and leads to good prices and high quality products.

Logistics to import from Turkey

How to import from Turkey

We are exporting goods in 7 categories to 12 different countries every month. ZZ Export is expert in choosing right company to transport your goods at lowest cost.

With all above we offer to our clients a win/win solutionyou benefit of our experience, status and combined order volume decreasing costs on each step those increasing profit and growth faster than competitors.