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Turkish Home textile – is a type of mostly light textile and clothing. Used in household for regular use and design purpose. There are a lot of items fitting category:

Total worth of Home Textile imports globally is roughly 57 billion US dollars annually (according to ITC 2017 data). Home textiles is mature industry with established volumes. Developed countries do most of import while developing countries export. Unlike other industries, Europe, USA and Japan heavily depend on imports. Germany, France and United Kingdom are leaders and USA being absolute beast with imports worth of 15.5 billion US.

Top-5 net home textile exporters are China (41.5 %), India (7.8%), Pakistan (6.2%), Turkey (3.2%) and Vietnam (2.3%).

Turkish Textile

Turkey is undoubted leader of carpet exports and known for continuous quality. Turkey struggled to compete with low-cost Chinese, Indian and Bangladeshi goods for years. However, recently Turkish textiles became more price competitive for European and other Western importers due to devaluation of Turkish lira.

With thousand years’ experience in textiles production like towels, bathrobes and linens Turkish town Denizli have made their way to demanding European households.


Turkish Home Textile Export Worth 2017
Turkish Home Textile Export Worth 2017

Figure 1 Market share and annual change in colors. Source.


European approach

Turkey is not Europe. Nonetheless when compared to major exporters Turkey is the closest to Europe geographically, ideologically and historically. This is important factor has great effect on how the goods are manufactured. Child labor is still used in some Asian countries , while Turkey actively fights against it.

State of art technology

Turkey always relied on European engineering and for most of the time the textiles are manufactured using Western technologies rather than cheap and unreliable alternatives.

Short shipment time

Located at the entrance of Europe greatly helps Turkish products. Short transportation time and diversity of routes like maritime, land and modular transportation.

Product category

3 Turkish textile giants are Istanbul, Denizli and Gaziantep. Combined they represent 90% of all textile exports from Turkey to EU and USA. Main textile products heavily imported from Turkey are:

Bed linen from Turkey

Wide varieties of Bed linens aka Bed clothing are available from 100% cotton textiles like Ranforce and saten to Bamboo, nano textiles and cheaper solutions Terrycotton & Polycotton. Both printed and clean options are present on the market. One of the great examples of Turkish home textiles is Turkish Superbrand award owner Özdilek Holding. Represented almost in every country in the world Ozdilek is an example of Turkish home textile.

Turkish Ranforce Bedlinen
Turkish Ranforce Bed linen

Turkish Towels (Havlu)

Turkish Towels
Turkish Towels

With $605 million export Turkey is 4th largest exporter in the world with main markets in USA ($119 millions), Germany ($107 millions), France ($56 million). Together with classical towels Peshtemals (traditional Turkish towel used in Turkish baths) are gaining popularity around the world. Home towels, hotel towels and luxury towel are offered in great variations.

Havlu, Turkish towels, luxury Turkish towels, denizli towel

Turkish Bathrobes

Turkish Bathrobe
Turkish Bathrobe

Bathrobes are another great option for home textile import from Turkey. Most of manufacturers aim the hotels around the world. Home bathrobe choice are also available.

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