Made in Turkey Baby Diaper Brands & Manufacturers List 2024

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Below list will show you baby diaper brands, manufacturers and our rating for each in 2024.
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Best Made in Turkey Baby Diaper Brands

The scores are out of 5.0 stars

Best Turkish Baby Diaper Brands List

Prima by P&G Turkey:

Overall score 3.7/5:
P&G’s Pampers brand for Turkey is Prima. The quality and everything else is very similar to Pampers. Easily the best product on the market. What makes Prima unique is technology and patented technique of production.
Availability ★★★☆☆:
Possible to find on local market. The sellers usually can’t export baby diapers outside Turkey.
Price $$$$$:
When compared to any other competitor is quite expensive. But P&G brands Pampers and Prima are always beyond competition due to strong marketing and product quality.
Quality ★★★★★: Best quality available on Turkish market.
Supplementary products ★★★★☆: Wet wipes, Panties.

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Molfix by Hayat Kimya:

Molfix Baby Diaper package

Overall score 4.7/5:
Manufactured by Hayat Kimya which is huge manufacturer of household chemistry. This brand also works on innovations in diaper, but it is closer to the rest rather than P&G products. Molfix is well known and trusted brand on Turkish market those slightly more expensive than it could be.

Availability ★★★★★:
Molfix can be found everywhere in Turkey.

Price $$$:
Molfix is first Turkish baby diaper brand. Being in market for 20 years certainly allow some higher margin. Why Molfix is expensive? Because Molfix price is indexed to Prima.

Quality ★★★★☆:
It is important to note Molfix produced in several countries and the quality can’t be same everywhere. Turkish Molfix has good quality and can compete with top tier baby diaper brands. Molfix is suitable for both high- and medium-income consumers. Has a good absorbance, capacity and overall quality. Molfix capacity is higher than Prima.

Supplementary products ★★★★★:
Baby panties, Wet wipes, Changing mats, Swimming Pants

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Sleepy Diapers by Eruslu:

Overall score 3.5/5:
In 2023 Sleepy has become worldwide baby diaper brand. It’s manufacturer Eruslu Sağlık kept main focus in past 2 years as net zero carbon emission, and natural and organic raw materials. Which will help the manufacturer to position the brand with more expensive competitors.

Availability ★★★★★:
Sleepy Sensitive can be found anywhere in Turkey. A lot of local exporters of product. Sleepy pampers should be traded if you don’t have any experience selling baby diapers.

Price $$$:
Currently the brand is sold under market entrance strategy with very attractive prices. Sleepy Sensitive will have best quality/price ratio and stay very competitive as long as this strategy is used by manufacturer.

Quality ★★★☆:
Originally Sleepy pampers are designed to compete with top tier baby diaper brands. Turkish diapers Sleepy show huge growth in sales every year. This is indicator of good quality in general.

Supplementary product ★★★★★:
The diapers are strongly supported with supplementary products like Changing mats, wet wipes, bamboo wet wipes, panties, nappies, panties for night, famine hygiene, incontinence pads, pet care products.
Sleepy is one of the best supported baby diaper brand in Turkey and in the World.

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Evy Baby by Evyap:

Overall score 4.3/5:
Evya Baby manufactured by Evyap which is structurally very similar to Hayat Kimya. Yet Evyap’s Evy Baby diaper couldn’t catch-up with Molfix and generally is less popular. It is important to note Evyap’s main focus is soap, not baby diapers. The quality of product is consistent and trustable.

Availability ★★★☆:
Evy Baby pampers can be found anywhere in Turkey. A lot of local exporters of product. Usually Evy Baby diapers are traded by soap wholesalers.

Price $$$:
Currently the brand is sold under market entrance strategy with very attractive prices. Evy baby diapers brand offers one of the best quality/price ratio, and wide variety of products and strong quality control make this brand good option.

Quality ★★★☆:
Originally Evy baby is designed to compete with middle tier baby diaper brands. The brand quality is solid mid. Yet, Evyap has strong quality control team and the product is almost always consistent. Failure percentage in Turkish brand Evy Baby is one of the lowest.

Supplementary product ★★★★☆:
Wet wipes.
Although there no many direct baby diaper supporting products the overal catalogue of Evyap is impressive and can compete with P&G. The only drawback is that generally official distributors can use all their products in their offer.

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Onlem by Pakten:

Overall score 3.5/5:
Onlem manufactured by one of the oldest Turkish manufacturer A-quality diaper manufacturer Pakten. Önlem is found in Turkey market bacuse it is made for Turkish consumers. The main innovation is due to modern Italian baby diaper production lines and product engineering. Prices on the market are somewhat high, but with good connection with manufacturer much better prices can be obtained.

Availability ★★☆☆☆:
Onlem brand is mainly sold in middle and east of Turkey. Can’t be easily found and generally not many dealers are able to provide the product in wholesale batches.

Price $$$:
The price for Onlem is currently very attractive because it is sold on Turkish market.

Quality ★★★☆:
Any product produced by Pakten is easily most reliable product on the market. Giving their attitude to quality buyers of this brands are always confident. Technical innovations such as machinery and engineering offered making product one of the best value/price ratio.

Supplementary product ★★★★☆: Onlem diapers are supported with Changing mats, wet wipes, panties, famine hygiene, incontinence pads, baby shampoo, liquid soap all Onlem brand and premium quality.

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Baby Turco by Eruslu Sağlık

Overall score 4.0/5:
Being produced by one of the biggest and still fastest growing diaper manufacturer in the world – Eruslu Sağlık makes Baby Turco strong brand from the start.
From what we see on market shelfs in Turkey, Baby Turco diapers are targeting smart buyers who look for good quality and do not want to pay for brand. Shortly Baby Turco is aimed on customers who powered Sleepy brand to multinational brand.

Availability ★★★★☆: Baby Turco diapers are available everywhere in Turkey and in most neighboring countries. However brands owner Eruslu is not rushing to distribute this particular brand abroad just yet.

Price $$$:
Baby Turco prices were low at the beginning when they planned aggressive market penetration. After initial entrance the prices stabilized to normal and now Sleepy’s smaller sibling is not as cheap but still good offer.

Quality ★★★:
Baby Turco quality is surely enough for mid class buyers and provides every bit of softness, absorption and retention that is required to be good diaper.
To be good option for smart buyers Baby Turco does not posses any extraordinary quality and comfort perks that more expensive brands like Molfix or Pampers offer.

Supplementary products ★☆:
Baby Turcos brand comes in baby diapers, baby pants, wet wipes, Changing Pads which is really good support of main product – diaper. However this might not be enough for full coverage of baby needs.

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Önlem Botanica Baby Diapers:

Overall score 4.0/5:
Brand new variation of Önlem brand made and launched by Pakten in 2021. Like regular Önlem diapers, Önlem Botanica is oriented mainly on Turksih market. Botanica has impressive quality featuring natural and healthy materials olive oil, aloe vera, cotton proten and vitamin E in use during production. It is main competitor to Prima Premium Care and Sleepy Bio Natural pampers.

Availability ★☆☆:
Önlem brand is mainly sold in central and eastern Turkey. With some export to Iraq. Önlem brand is not meant to be exported and this is why it is difficult to source.

Price $$:
As a premium product, Önlem Botanica baby diapers are more expensive than most of products, however when compared to diapers of same quality the price tag is very appealing.

Quality ★★★★:
Önlem Botanica are created to provide superior comfort for babies and their skin. This is why Botanica diapers are of high quality and eligible to compete with Japanese baby diapers. Given time Botanica will further improve and will offer even better value per USD.

Supplementary products ★☆☆:
Wet wipes, baby shampoo are the main supplementary products at this moment. Starting since 2022 as promised Önlem Botanica offers supplementary products under Botanica label.

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Canbebe by Ontex:

Canbebe Baby Diapers made in Turkey

Overall score 3.0/5:
Originally produced by company named Astel in 1990. In 2000 Belgian Diaper giant Ontex acquires Astel and actively promotes the brand. Canbebe offers less innovation in diaper and rather should be considered as effective manufacturer. Can bebe is also known on the Turkish market but doesn’t enjoy the popularity of the top tier baby diapers on the list. Canbebe is top brand in Algeria, Libya, Georgia and Azerbaijan

Availability ★★★☆☆:
Canbebe can be found everywhere in Turkey. However only small portion of local sellers can arrange product export from Turkey. Usually intermediate company is required.

Price $$$$:
Canbebe is indexed to Molfix. So, it is always cheaper than Molfix. The problem is Canbebe is less popular than Molfix.

Quality ★★★☆:
Canbebe is of good quality and can compete with middle tier baby diaper brands. Canbebe is barely suitable for medium-income consumers.

Supplementary products ★★★★★:
Panties, Swimming panties, Wet wipes, Changing mats, Baby shampoo, Baby oil, Baby cream.

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Goo.n by Elleair International Turkey

Overall score 4.8/5:
Goo.n is the brand of legendary Japanese baby diaper and baby pants manufacturer that has invested into manufacturing their brand in Turkey. Goo.n known for their high quality products and in high demand around the world. Obtaining manufacturing facilities in Turkey will allow Ellair company to enter and grow new markets.

Availability ★★★★☆:
Goo.n can be found in most regions in Turkey. However only small portion of local sellers can arrange product export from Turkey. Usually intermediate company is required.

Price $$$:
Goo.n baby diapers and panties are premium products that can easily compete with any high quality brand. This outstanding quality comes with higher but still affordable prices.

Quality ★★★★★:
Goo.n’s baby diapers and panties quality is so high that is became our benchmark for scoring other diapers quality. Not only the nappies but all supplementary products made by Elleair company are superb in their niche.

Supplementary products ★★★★★:
Goon baby nappies are supported by baby pants, Baby lotion, hair and body shampoo, baby oil, extra soft wet wipes, new born wet wipes.

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Further we will provide information on Turkish Baby diapers oriented only to export.

Only for export brands that are made in Turkey

  1. Joyful by Pakten:
    • Overall score 4.0/5: Turkish baby diaper brand Joyful is a product of Pakten, same company that produces Önlem with only difference that it is solely sold to export. Good quality, marketing support and competitive prices make this product good deal for experienced baby diaper professionals. Brand is supported by excellent baby diapers, incontinence pads, Changing mats, liquid soap
    • Availability ★★★★:
      Joyful is export only product. This makes importer of Joyful only person able to import and sale the brand within their country. Buying this diaper brand will protect you from unnecessary competition from other importers in your country.
    • Price $$$:
      Depending on your profile and contact quality the price and conditions vary. If you want to get best offer you should get your company presented in the best way. We as ZZ Exporter have good ties and can provide you best connection.
    • Quality ★★★★☆:
      The quality and performance of Joyful pampers is similar to Pampers and above other brands on the market due to experience of manufacturer and consistency. Continuous investments in product quality and production line makes Joyful one of the high quality baby diapers on Turkish market.
    • Supplementary products ★★★★☆:
      Joyful baby diapers are supported with Changing mats, wet wipes, incontinence pads, baby shampoo, liquid soap all Joyful brand and premium quality.

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  1. Predo Baby by Predo:
    • Overall score 3.5/5:
      Export brand by Predo diaper factory. Popular on African continent mainly South and West. Overall good and consistent quality. Yet the capacity of manufacturer is moderate but new investments made will allow more production in near future.
    • Price $$$:
      Depending on your profile and contact quality the price and conditions vary. If you want to get best offer you should get your company presented in the best way.
    • Quality ★★★★☆:
      Quality is similar to Joyful and Molfix. You should be able to check every batch before shipment.
    • Supplementary products ★★★★☆:
      Predo baby nappies are supported by Baby pants, Wet wipes, Baby shampoo, Wet wipes of moderate quality.

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  1. Giggles Premium by Sevinçler:
    • Overall score 3.0/5:
      Turkish baby diaper brand Giggles Premium is export-only brand by Sevinçler company. Sevinçler is very similar to Enka Group – they do construction business. Baby diaper is newest branch of their business. Giggles Premium pampers is not top brand but good offer for any market. As established player on baby diaper market Sevinçler offers lower prices with moderate quality.
    • Price $$$:
      Depending on your profile and contact quality the price and conditions vary. If you want to get best offer you should get your company presented in the best way.
    • Quality ★★☆:
      Giggles baby diaper quality is similar to Predo and Paddlers. The quality is consistent and good.
    • Supplementary products ★★★★☆:
      Giggles nappies are supported by baby pants, Wet wipes, famine hygiene, incontinence pads and panties.

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  1. Taffy Premium by Halk Hygiene:
    • Overall score 3.7/5:
      Halk Hygiene is subsidiary of household goods manufacturer Beyaz Kağıt. The structure of the company is similar to Evyap’s. Taffy Premium diapers are of high quality. As new player on baby diaper market Halk Hygiene offers lower prices.
    • Price $$$:
      Depending on your profile and contact quality the price and conditions vary. If you want to get best offer you should get your company presented in the best way.
    • Quality ★★★★☆:
      Turkish diaper Taffy quality is similar to Paddlers baby diapers. The quality of this diapers can positively surprise you and your competitors.
    • Supplementary products ★★★★★:
      Wet wipes, feminine hygiene, incontinence pads, baby shampoo and wide variety of household detergents.

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  1. Helen Harper by Ontex:
    • Overall score 2.3/5:
      Helen Harper is another brand manufactured by Ontex. It is important to know that Helen Harper brand is not sold or produced in Turkey.
    • Price $$$:
      Helen Harper is generally more expensive than other brands because it is world class manufacturer.
    • Quality ★★☆:
      Quality of Helen Harper baby diapers is different from usual top brands in Turkey. Yet Ontex always offer new solutions and innovations in products that will help you excel from baby diaper wholesalers.
    • Supplementary products ★★★★☆: Pants, Change mats, Nursing Pads, Wet Wipes.

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  1. Lody Baby by Lody Sağlik:
    • General 4.2/5.0:
      Lody is new player on the market. Lody’s manufacturer is located in Mardin, away from cluster of manufacturers in Istanbul and Gaziantep. Such placement has both upsides and downsides. Lody brand is quality + price focused product that satisfies its purpose to certain degree. Working with this brand is rewarding.
    • Price $$$:
      We consider pricing for Turkish baby diaper brand Lody to be one of the most optimal. However, manufacturer do not provide enough marketing support for every client.
    • Quality ★★★★☆:
      Lody pampers has similar quality to Baby Turco and Shuga Baby diapers. Good quality raw materials are used in high amounts. Machinery used up to date.
    • Supplementary products ★★★★☆:
      Since 2023 Lody has improved their product line by adding baby panties and baby wet wipes. Now Lody baby nappies brand is much better supported by supplemental products.

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  1. Shuga Baby Diapers by İlkas Sağlık:
    • General 3.9/5.0:
      Shuga is another newcomer brand to baby diaper industry. Although the brand is on market for 10+ years it really strengthened in 2024 thanks to investments into new production facility and factory. Right now Ilkas Saglik offers wide variety of packages and modern quality for attractive prices that can be sold in any market around the world.
    • Price $$:
      Ilkas Saglik follows aggressive market penetration strategy with cheap prices on all qualities. After our product analysis we discovered the performance to be more than satisfying for given prices.
    • Quality ★★★★☆:
      Shuga pampers have similar quality to Lody and Baby Turco. Good quality raw materials are used in optimal amounts. Machinery used is up-to-date.
    • Supplementary products ★★★☆☆:
      Shuga baby nappies are supported by beautiful designed and well manufactured wet wipes under same brand name. Sadly there is no more products under Shuga brand to support baby diapers.

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What are lesser known cheap Turkish Baby Diaper Brands?

Slipers Baby Diapers,
Slipp Bebbe Baby Diapers,
Paddlers Baby Diapers,
Lulla Baby Baby Diapers,
Cushy Baby Baby Diapers,
Pine Baby Diapers,
Gizmo Baby Diapers,
Leri Baby Baby Diapers,
Holder Baby Baby Diapers,
Bebis Baby Diapers,
Komili Baby Diapers.

What are the most notable Baby Diaper Private Labels made in Turkey?

Royal Baby Diaper,
Sina Baby Diapers,
Boss Baby Diapers,
Bumble Baby Diapers,
Flovell Baby Diapers,
Jenny Willy Baby Diapers,
Soffia Baby Diapers,
Dada Baby Diapers.

Table of Turkish baby diapers brands:

BrandQualitySoftnessThinnessAbsorption RateAbsorption CapacityPriceFragranceBarrierWaist BandWetness
Rash?Leakage ?
CanbebeHighExtra SoftAverageFastMediumHigherMediumGoodGoodNoNoNo
Evy BabyHighSoftAverageFastMediumMediumHighGoodGoodYes No No
Giggles PremiumHighSoftThickFastHighMediumLowGoodGoodYesNoNo
JoyfulHighExtra SoftThinFastHighMediumNoGoodGoodNoNoNo
LodyHighSoftThickFastHighMediumLowGoodGoodNo No No
ÖnlemHighExtra SoftThinFastHighMediumMediumGoodGoodNo No No
Önlem BotanicaHighExtra SoftThinFastHighMediumLowGoodGoodNoNoNo
PredoHighSoftThickFastHighMediumMediumGoodGoodNo No No
PrimaHighExtra SoftThinFastestMediumHighMediumGoodGoodYesNoNo
Sleepy SensitiveHighSoftAverageFastHighLowLowGoodGoodYesNoNo
Slipp BebeMediumSoftThickFastMediumLowMediumGoodGoodNo No No
Taffy PremiumHighExtra SoftThickFastHighMediumLowGoodGoodNoNoNo
Baby TurcoMediumHighAverageFastMediumLowLowGoodAverageYesNoNo
BrandQualitySoftnessThinnessAbsorption RateAbsorption CapacityPriceFragranceBarrierWaist BandIndicatorRash?Leakage?

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