Turkish Adult Diapers Manufacturer & Supplier

2020 Adult Diaper Price range & Brands

We are Turkish Export Company ZZ Exporter.
Our business is to provide best business solutions from Turkey, Gaziantep.
ZZ Exporter is authorized adult diapers supplier in Turkey.
You can contact us and request diapers for adults in wholesale and distributor quantities.
We do exclusive distribution agreement, wholesale, second choice and rejected incontinence products.
ZZ Exporter works directly with manufacturers and supplies reasonable prices, service and quality product.
If you have questions, learn more about our business model and business solutions for international buyers.

What brand you need?

We provide Adult diapers from Turkey and China. Tape and Pull-ups adult diapers are available. Name the brand or Private Label you are looking for. We will reply with available stock and prices. Goods are supplied directly from manufacturers. If there is no stock for particular adult diaper brand, we offer you alternative.

Special offers for Adult Diaper and Bed Sheet tenders by supplier

Please specify if you participate in government tender for Adult diapers or Bed sheets. We can prepare special offer depending on tender details and increase your chances to win the tender. We also supply Bundle Tenders and Turnkey Tenders.

Available Diapers for Adult and Pull-ups brands:

  • Depend,
  • Joly, Evony,
  • Holder, Önlem,
  • Giggles,
  • CanPed,
  • Sleepy,
  • Incoped, Selped, Adulped,
  • Dr.Pedical,
  • Carino,
  • Actual,
  • Windelhosen

Adult Diapers Quick Request Form:

  • Upon receiving your request we will check if requested products available in stocks.
  • We might email you back if we need more details. Please provide as much details as possible.
  • Once our offer is ready, we will contact you with email and mobile phone you provided.
  • Please double check correctness of information.
  • Every request is checked and replied manually by our experts.
  • Once you get our offer we are ready to supply the goods.