Adult Diaper Wholesale Supplier

We wholesale Adult Diapers

  • Cheap, Moderate & High Qualities
  • For Wholesalers & Tenders,
  • For Hospitals & Senior Care centers
  • + Adult Pants, + Adult wet wipes
  • Made in Turkey

Who We Are

ZZ Exporter is a worldwide Adult Diaper wholesale supplier.

We provide 8 brands from 5 different manufacturers located in Turkey.

We use Mersin sea port and Sea ports in Istanbul to ship adult nappies to our wholesaler partners around the world.


1000+ ML



2000 – 2500 ML



2500 – 3000 ML

+3000 ML

* Adult diaper brands we supply in wholesale. Grouped by absorbency.
** Categorized using our internal methods. Please contact manufacturers for updated information

As of this year our adult diaper catalogue consist of 8 best-selling adult nappies brands that we can always provide in any quantities.

3 different absorbance level adult diaper brands available for wholesale.

  • Highest absorbency tape adult diaper slip
    • Joly
  • Moderate absorbency tape adult diaper slip
    • Evony
    • Γ–nlem
    • Giggles
    • Dr. Pedical
  • Minimum absorbency tape adult diaper slip
    • Holder
    • Gizlife
    • Adulto

Wholesale Adult Diaper Prices (Tape, Slip, Briefs) FOB Mersin, Turkey

To understand our price range please refer to below price table.

The optimal shipment for Adult Tape Diapers is 40HC’ container.
Prices are given considering optimal volume orders.

*Prices are FOB Mersin Port.
** Prices for 40HC’ container load shipments. For partial shipments prices may differ.

For detailed and up-to-date pricelist please contact us.

Logistic information on Adult Slip Tape Diapers

Average volume of 1 Large size Tape Adult Diapers is 0,0008mΒ³

  • 20′ container can fit 47.500 pcs diapers
  • 40HC’ container can fit 95.000 pcs diapers

* Numbers are average.
* Container capacity calculated considering bulk shipment without pallets.

This is how bulk Adult Diaper shipment without pallets looks like.

Our conditions

We are happy to serve every request we get.
However not all Adult diaper requests are made equal.
Here we list our requirements for you to understand if addressing us is the right option for your particular need.

1. Minimum order quantity – 40HC’.
Due to nature of any adult tape diaper (high volume, low weight) the volume of the order is very important. To reach adequate monetary value for international trade at least 50.000 pcs diapers shall be ordered. This volume is between 20′ and 40′ container.
Why the MOQ is not 20′ then?
Because shipping cost of 20′ container is just 15% less than shipping cost of 40HC’ container however you get 100% more diapers with 40HC’ container.
It is up to you to go with 20′ container

2. Regional availability – not all brands available for every country.
If the slip diaper brand is already successfully presented by another company in given country we won’t sell to another buyer.

3. Payment terms – for deals smaller than 10,000 USD the payment term is 100% payment with order confirmation.
For larger deals 30% payment with order, 70% before shipment.
We accept: bank transfer, cash.
We do not accept: PayPal, Crypto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply Grade B diapers?

❌ No, we do not sale nor B grade diapers neither sale by weight.

What do droplets mean on Adult diapers packages?

πŸ›ˆ Droplets on adult diaper or any other incontinence product packages designates how much liquid can the diaper absorb.

Unfortunately there is no uniform regulation about total number of droplets and their correlative volume of liquid.

Every Adult Diaper manufacturer is free to place as much droplets as they please to.

Generally the drops will help consumer to distinguish relative absorbance capacity between different slip diaper brands of same manufacturer.

Despite other suppliers we clearly show what absorbency range does each drop correlate to.

Do you provide Adult pants, pull-ups?

βœ…Yes, we supply disposable adult pants and pull-ups under different brands and qualities. Please contact us to get more information.

What is Production lead time for Adult incontinence products?

Most of the time we have all brands and sizes available for immediate shipping in the warehouse.
For bigger orders the production lead time is between 1-3 weeks.

Do you provide samples?

βœ… Yes, we provide free samples.
We can deliver samples within Turkey free of charge.
For international shipping you should arrange cargo courier to pick-up the samples and deliver to you.

In case if you want us to handle the sample delivery we will invoice you the cost and after payment confirmation send the samples to you by DHL services.
Average cost of sample delivery is around 200 USD.

Typical sample box will contain of several diapers per each size within package of Large size adult diaper.

Do you supply diapers from India or China?

❌No. We only supply goods from the factories we can physically visit and check product at any point.

This way we assure 100% customer satisfaction.

Do you offer Private Label Adult Diaper production?

βœ… Yes! Being on the market for more than 10 years and working continuously with 5 adult diaper manufacturers we can greatly save you time in finding right manufacturer and save your budget with better prices.
The minimum order for Private Label Adult tape diapers is 120,000 pcs per size + refundable packaging deposit.
In total the average cost for Private Label Adult Diaper brand with 3 sizes and 1 package type is around 100,000 USD.

What is the difference between Adult Tape, Slip, Tab Briefs Diaper and adult Nappies?

πŸ›ˆ Essentially they are all referring to the same product which is an disposable incontinence product that is locked by means of side tapes.

Adult diapers are mainly used for less mobile people with some type of urinary or fecal incontinence.

Widely used in geriatric health care.

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