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Molfix Baby Diapers Wholesale

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Molfix Baby Diapers belong to and manufactured by Turkish holding Hayat Kimya. The products is of “Medium+” quality and has strong marketing support. Hayat Kimya also owns popular brands like Focus – disposable kitchen paper roll, Papia – toilet paper, Joly – adult diaper, Familia – paper towel, wet wipes, toilet paper, Molped – feminine pads, Bingo – household chemistry products.
Molfix wholesale is available from Turkey.

Molfix is within Top-10 baby diaper brands in the world.

Our Wholesale Molfix Price Offer

Molfix Mini 80 pcs.5,70 USDIn Stock
Molfix Midi 68 pcs.5,70 USDIn Stock
Molfix Maxi 62 pcs.5,70 USDIn Stock
Molfix Junior 48 pcs.5,70 USDIn Stock
Molfix XLarge 38 pcs.5,70 USDIn Stock
Molfix Midi Ultra 108 pcs.8,50 USDIn Stock
Molfix Maxi Ultra 100 pcs.8,50 USDIn Stock
Molfix Junior Ultra 78 pcs.8,50 USDIn Stock
Molfix Baby Diaper Prices are EXW Gaziantep or EXW Istanbul.
Minimum Order us 10.000,00 USD.
For orders above 20.000,00 USD additional discount will be provided.

About Hayat Kimya – manufacturer of Molfix

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Hayat Kimya is strong player on Turkish and global chemistry and disposable products market. There are 22 manufacturing plants in 5 countries operated by Hayat.
Countries where Hayat Kimya has manufacturing plants are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria, Iran, Egypt, Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan. Thanks to good quality, well promotion their products are common on market shelves.

Molfix is presented in most of African continent including Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, America, Europe and Asia.
Molfix has it’s own marketing teams around the world constantly working on improvement of product quality and prestige. Some examples are Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Russia, Turkey, Irak, South Africa. Thanks to such marketing investment Molfix is well-known and easy sold product. However due to this feature the product is expensive and less profitable when purchased from official distributor.

About Molfix Quality and Availability

We analyzed all Turkish baby diapers. Results for Molfix is 2.7 out of 5 star scale which is not the best. You can see the details below.

  • Overall score 4.7/5:
    Produced by Hayat Kimya who is huge manufacturer of household chemistry. This brand also works on innovations in diaper, but it is closer to the rest rather than P&G products. Molfix is well known and trusted brand on Turkish market those a bit more expensive than could be.
  • Availability ★★★★★:
    Molfix can be found everywhere in Turkey.
  • Price $$$:
    Molfix is first Turkish baby diaper brand. Being in market for 20 years certainly allow some higher margin. Why Molfix is expensive? Because Molfix price is indexed to Prima.
  • Quality ★★★★☆:
    It is important to note Molfix produced in several countries and the quality can’t be same everywhere. Turkish Molfix has good quality and can compete with top tier baby diaper brands. Molfix is suitable for both high- and medium-income consumers. Has a good absorbance, capacity and overall quality. Molfix liquid capacity is higher than Prima.
  • Supplementary products ★★★★★: Baby panties, Wet wipes, Changing mats, Swimming Pants

Ways to buy Molfix wholesale

There are two general way to buy Molfix in wholesale quantities for resale purpose,

  1. Buy from Distiributor in your country or city
  2. Buy from wholesalers in Turkey

Both ways have pros and cons. When you buy directly from distributor in your country you have benefits like low MOQ, fast delivery, less risk. Nonetheless there are cons also – the margin for re-seller is fixed and most of the time very low. Other problem with buying from distributor is that they can chose to not sell to you because they have agreement with your competitor. Lastly there might not be distributor in your country at all and buying from manufacturer is impossible due to different barriers.

Turkey is a huge baby diaper manufacturer. There are a lot of diaper producers who will offer you best product for low prices. You can have better than European quality for very attractive prices. All you need is good contacts in Turkey.
If you find good contact with in Turkey you can purchase directly from manufacturers with low prices, low MOQ.
We are export company in Turkey who exports baby diapers to many countries around the world.

Alternative diapers to Molfix

Sometimes it is not possible to get Molfix. Or maybe you are looking to compete with Molfix brand. We provide you many Turkish baby diaper brands at your discretion. Check our list of Turkish Baby Diaper Brands by ZZ Exporter.


Molfix is a good Turkish Baby diaper. Very popular in Africa and Arabian countries. Sometimes it is expensive or difficult to import.
We offer Molfix and a lot of alternative brands to you to be competitive on the market!
Important information before contacting us:

  • We are not Molfix brand owners and can’t provide distributorship
  • We are wholesalers located in Turkey
  • Minimum order for Molfix Brand is $10.000,00
  • Transportation is subject for separate negotiations
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