Turkish Household Detergent. Industry Overview

Turkish Surface Cleaning Detergent market review.

Household chemicals including cleaning products made in Turkey deserve special attention of buyers from Europe, Africa and Arabian countries. Turkish household chemicals have good price/quality ratio. In this article you will find information about Turkish Household Chemical industry, popular brands, how to import cleaning products from Turkey and quality of mentioned products.

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Turkish Chemistry industry: State of development

Production and export of household chemicals is one of the most developed industries in Turkey.  Today, Turkish cleaning products are exported to 34 countries, including USA, Germany, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The total export volume of cleaning products from Turkey in 2017 is $ 406 million. Net export growth is 5% in last five years.

There are more than a hundred manufacturers of household chemicals in Turkey. Of these, 10 manufacturers stand out with a total export of $ 300 million per year.

Turkish Household Chemistry Cleaning products Export Worth in 2017
Turkish Household Chemistry Cleaning products Export Worth in 2017

Quality of Turkish cleaning products

Turkish manufacturers counter lack of natural resources with “European quality, but 30% cheaper” strategy. Thanks to this strategy, Turkish household goods are sold not only to neighboring underdeveloped countries, such as Iraq, Iran and Syria, but also to developed countries with high quality standards and serious competition like – United States, Israel, the and Saudi Arabia.

A good example are the multinational companies like P&G and Unilever. Despite the fact that P&G has production plants in Europe, cleaning products made by P&G in Turkey are best performing exporters because of good quality and low cost. In order to sustain the balance P&G covers this fact by using different brand names in Turkey. One example is renaming Pampers into Prima for Turkish market.

Pampers vs Prima
Pampers vs Prima

Turkish brands of Cleaning products

In addition to global manufacturers like P&G, Henkel, Persil, Reckitt Benckise and Unilever, local producers such as Bingo, ABC, Peros, Prestige, Endeks, Seba stand out. Turkish household brands are widely known outside of Turkey itself and have a reputation for efficient and affordable goods.

  • Mr. Muscle – cleaning product against stains on the tile, floors and sink,
  • Hobby – Cosmetics, Hair Care Products, Shampoos
  • Por çöz – cooker, rust, kettles cleaning chemistry,
  • Cif – grease cleaner,
  • Cilit Beng – grease and rust buildup cleaning agent,
  • Bingo Mutfak – dishwashing liquid,
  • Finish – dishwasher tablets,
  • Calgonit – dishwashing liquid
  • Kir çöz – cleaning carpets, curtains, furniture and other home textiles,
  • Vanish – cleaning stains on carpets
  • Camsil – window cleaning solution,
  • ABC – household chemicals (wide range),
  • Palmolive – dish Soap and Dishwasher Detergent,
  • Perwoll – liquid, gel detergent,
  • Vanish – stain removing products,
  • Aspirin – bath floor, toilet floor cleaning products,

Every year, the share of Turkish household chemicals in the world market is growing due to high quality and cheap prices. Despite the presence of local manufacturers Turkish chemistry always present on the shelves.

Household chemistry wholesale supplier ZZ Exporter has access to all known brands of Turkish products. You can request wholesale prices for Turkish cleaning products any time.

Product availability

It should be noted that almost any chemicals Turkish manufacturer has a representative in many countries. Representatives or distributors act as intermediaries for local wholesalers or networks providing goods at their prices from wholesale bases. If for small businesses it is very convenient, for larger wholesalers it is less profitable most of the time. Why buy from intermediaries if you can buy household chemicals directly from Turkey? We are supplier of  the original products of Turkish factories in bulk with delivery and customs clearance included.

Prices for Turkish detergents

Prices for household chemicals in Turkey never stand still. With the frequent change in the rate of the Turkish lira to the dollar, the price of household goods changes from day to day. 
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