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Welcome, We export from Turkey to partners in CIS, Africa and Europe regions for 8 years.
Working with us will boost your exports from Turkey and simplify communication with importers around the world.
We only list verified vendors to our customers.

Are you looking for distributors in Turkey?

Contact us to get easy access to local Turkish Distributors of FMCG products. We work with Turkish wholesalers in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Gaziantep, Adana and many more.

How can you become a verified vendor
To export from Turkey?

  1. Share your company profile
  2. Provide product catalogue with detailed specifications
  3. Share your quality certificates
  4. Send a samples of your product

If you want to export your products from Turkey, provide required information. Our experts will analyse and ask you to improve if faults are discovered. When your company qualifies we will contact you for factory audit. Once passed our quality control your company will be listed as verified. Your products will be listed to our customers.

Kindly note, customer satisfaction is top priority for us. Your submission can be rejected and it means you have a place to improve to become suitable for long term international business relationship.

If you struggle to contact or deliver your offer to right people we will help you export from Turkey. Use the contact form below to begin,

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