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Welcome to our Turkish export products catalogue.

ZZ Exporter LTD is a licensed Turkish FMCG wholesale exporter company. We provide Turkey Brands as well as International Brands.

As a Turkish products wholesale company we supply Textile, Soap, Diapers and Detergents.

Our minimum order requirement is a 20ft container.

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With us you can buy Turkish Brands as well as Multinational Brands that are available in Turkey from Turkish Exporter Company.

Are you looking for Turkish local Brands or International Brands?

You can contact us for Turkish wholesale FMCG export brands.
Turkey Brands are popular among economic buyers.

Multinational brands like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Henkel, Unilever also available in wholesale FMCG products group as we are wholesale supplier in Turkey.


Are you looking for Food or Non-Food FMCG?

We export Food and Non-Food FMCG Turkey Brand products in wholesale that are manufactured by Turkish manufacturers.

All brands are sourced directly from the manufacturers and come with a 100% quality guarantee.

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As a food product provider, we currently offer pasta produced by Turkish manufacturers.
In addition to the food itself, we also provide delivery packages that come with lids and are both ovenable and sealed.

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Non-Food FMCG

Non-food Turkish brands category is our widest category we export to many countries. We provide wholesale products from Turkey related to household textile, paper, cleaning and personal care.

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ZZ Exporter collaborates with 8 Turkish incontinence products brands.
Underpads are also known as disposable bed sheets.

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We provide Turkish FMCG detergents and cosmetics for export in any quantity at any time.

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ZZ Exporter annually exports 200 tonnes of solid soap and 400 tonnes of liquid soap brands made in Turkiye.

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Turkish cosmetics products are quite popular around the world.
Cosmetics made in Turkey combine quality and affordable prices for beautiful people around the world.

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Our head office is located in Gaziantep – capital of all carpets in the world.

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Wholesale FMCG products by international companies like P&G, Henkel, Unilever.

Please note: Some universal brands adapt their products to meet the needs of the Turkish market. Usually these differences are slightly different design, different brand name, smaller or larger packaging. These products are constantly exported to many countries.
All the products we offer are 100% original and come from multinational manufacturers.

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