What can I import from Turkey?

If you are business man or importer company representative you might be looking for new opportunities to grow or create new niches for your business.
Turkey has unique offers to check through. Below you can find most competitive Turkish industries with fastest growth, good quality and prices:

Depending on your region and business type ZZ Exporter can offer special deals that will be most interesting for you.
In addition, we are capable of additional export services which do include but are not limited to transportation, customs cleaning, negotiation, insider information.
Further we will provide some real examples of solutions we provide to our partners.

Ideas for import from Turkey

What cheap cleaning product to import from Turkey?

ZZ Exporter established cheap soap production in Turkey and delivery to Congo, Angola and Nigeria. Our customers import products without labels and print their own private label within the country. By this manner they grow their business and create value.
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Cheap soap exported from Turkey to Africa

What hygiene products to import from Turkey?

ZZ Exporter is well experienced in diaper business. We can offer cheap Turkish baby and adult diapers as well as premium baby and adult diapers. With huge production and established network you can compete with cheap imperfect Chinese diapers and premium but overpriced European diapers.
Your main goal is to set up continuous supply and quality

More detailed information about Baby Diapers
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Import Turkish Baby Diapers

What Textile to import from Turkey?

Turkish kitchen and bathroom textiles is the bestseller. You get both quality and good price. Both cheap and expensive offers available. Cotton 100%. We can complete empty space of your container with other easy selling products like Household chemicals and baby diapers
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