Household Detergent Export Turkey

Household chemicals are detergents that assist cleaning, pest control and general hygiene purposes. We can provide you popular detergents brands like ABC, Ezel, PorÇöz, Kir Çöz, Cif power cream banyo, Cif mutfak yağ, Cilit Beng, Hypo tuz ruhu, Camsil, Vanish, Aspirin, Ace, Bingo, Finish, Persil. Both branded and Private Label options are available.

Official distributor of ABC Brand!

Starting from 2019 ZZ Exporter is official distributor of ABC Detergent brand in Russian Federation for all brands including ABC and Hair.
We have created strong supply chain from ABC factory in Turkey to our customers warehouses in Russia.
ZZ Exporter is not stopping here and will continue to work and create more valuable chains around the world!

Why ZZ Exporter is most reliable partner?


We have direct access to manufacturer’s facility and can perform quality control before shipment ensuring elimination of defective product shipment.


We set-up delivery of goods directly to your warehouse saving your time and making international trade easier.


We consider trust and partnership as most important aspect of business. Once you are our partner, we will not provide your product to your competitors.

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