Mega Dishwasher Tablets Manufacturer in Turkey

Our Dishwasher tablet MEGA is manufactured by Eurotab Turkey.
Meganet complies with European quality and safety standards at half price of branded tablets.

Dishwasher tablet boxes on the pallet
Dishwasher tablet close view without packaging

Meganet all-in-one Tablet Specifications


Important information before contacting us:

  • Minimum order for Dishwashing Tablets is $2.000
  • Transportation is subject for separate negotiations
  • We will reply much faster if you provide all necessary information in advance

1. Dishwasher Tablet Quality

Meganet dishwasher tablet is produced by Eurotab Turkey.
Our tablets are of same quality as most sold dishwasher tablet brand in Turkey.
Manufactured under EU regulations. Doesn’t contain phosphates.

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2. Meganet Tablet Price

We offer our brand at $3.00/package (50 tablets) EXW.

Price per Tablet
Finish Classic
Price Per Tablet
$0,06 per tablet$0,10 per tablet
Meganet Dishwasher Tablet Package close view
Price comparison between Meganet and Finish dishwasher tablets per piece.

Special discounts applied for orders above 5,000 packages.

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3. Minimum Order Quantity

We offer 1,200 packages or 2 Euro pallets per order for you to trial our dishwasher tablets.

MOQ Total volume is 4 m3, weight 1,200 kg

Total volume is roughly 4 m3 and total weight is approximately 1,200 kg.
With such dimensions it is easy to use express shipment and parcel of goods to anywhere in the world.

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We also provide wide range of products: Diapers, Powder and Liquid Detergents, Laundry Softeners, Shampoo and Soaps.
You can combine all different products within one order.
Additional you can purchase other products from Turkey and ship altogether with us.

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Simply let us know about your other orders and we will organize consolidation of all orders into one vessel and export as single order.
This will significantly reduce the cost of transportation and save your time during import procedures.

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