Top 10 Machine-Made Carpet Manufacturers For Wholesalers in 2024

Our customers often ask us which carpet manufacturers are the best to work with for wholesalers.

As a carpet manufacturer and exporter we have our own top which we want to share.

This list has the top machine-made carpet manufacturers for commercial, residential, hotel, mosque, and wall-to-wall carpets. It includes regional manufacturers from USA, Europe, and Turkey.

Manufacturers listed in this list may or may not be the best solution for your exact request.

If you have a carpet request, please contact us for offer.

Disclaimer: Ratings and information on this page are opinion of the author. For actual information please contact manufacturers.

Top 10 carpet manufacturers – experienced exporter opinion

Kartal Carpet and Milat Carpet

Once, they were the same carpet manufacturer called Kartal Carpet, but now they are two separate manufacturers.

One of the biggest Turkish carpet manufacturers in the carpet industry by all means and measures. Both supply United States, Europe and Africa with huge amount of own carpet brands and private label for other brand owners.

Kartal and Milat are huge carpet manufacturers with one of the best machinery and personel to create high quality carpet.

If you have big juicy order and lot of time before deadline you will get one of the best carpet for your money.

Kartal Carpet manufacturer in Turkey LogoMilat Carpet manufacturer in Turkey Logo

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Merinos is pioneer of carpet production in Turkey. One of the most respected and beloved Turkish carpet brand within Turkey and in the World.

Merinos Carpet that belongs to Erdemoglu Holding was the biggest and best factory to address when it comes to carpet for long time and still can compete with biggest names in the world. Merinos was first to produce easy to clean carpets based on nano-technologies.

If you can handle some bureaucracy, have deadline far away the result will certainly worth it.

Merinos Carpet manufacturer in Turkey Logo

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Mohawk Industries

If you are in United States or anywhere in North America you know who is the real deal. Mohawk Industries with their headquarters in Calhoun, Georgia, USA.

38.5% of all Mohawk Industries sales are carpet and rugs.

The annual report of Mohawk Industries states that they consider themselves the Top 2 carpet supplier in the USA.

Outside America Mohawk also operates in Europe, Latin America and other regions and supplies with carpet options.

Their main focus is commercial spaces which they serve more then well.

From our customers we usually hear praises about Mohawk except the cost, lack of flexibility and conversation through resellers.

Mohawk Industries Carpet manufacturer in Unite States of America Logo

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Shaw Industries

Shaw Industries is another North American flooring giant with headquarters in Dalton, Georgia, USA who focuses on tufted carpets. With 4000 styles and 30 brands Shaw Floors can satisfy any kind of request.

As a true American manufacturer Shaw Industries are contacted through distributors and retailers. Basically you should convince a retailer who was practical no jurisdiction on production line.

If your request fits the catalogue and retailer agrees to take your job you will get beautiful solution.

Shaw Inudstries Carpet manufacturer in USA Logo

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Safyun Weaving

As a part of Kaplan family Safyun is one of the bigger carpet manufacturers in Turkey.

From here it will get more interesting. Because now you can contact the management within the factory and discuss the order with sale representatives if they do not have distributor in your region.

The minimum order they would consider to cooperate with you is significantly less than Top 4 carpet manufacturers but still high enough for small wholesalers or organization representatives.

Safyun Carpet carpet manufacturer in Turkey Logo

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Kaplan Floor (Previously TurkFlex)

Kaplan Floor may be considered as Turkish analogue for Shaw Industries and big exporter of broadloom carpets to USA.

Focusing on commercial spaces Kaplan Floor provides wide range of carpet styles including carpets for mosque, hotel and wall-to-wall.

As a part of Kaplan family, who is combined probably biggest carpet family in the world, Kaplan Floor can offer good solutions for tuft carpets.

Being more flexible than western manufacturers will help you to negotiate.

KaplanFloor carpet manufacturer in Turkey Logo

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Avsar Carpet

Avsar Carpet is one of the most experienced carpet manufacturers in the world who is specializes on commercial carpets made of wool and fire resistance.

Avsar Carpet is known for their high quality commercial carpets.

Avsar Carpet carpet manufacturer in Turkey Logo

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Aryun Carpet

Best mosque carpet manufacturer in Turkey. Their turquoise color acrylic carpets are placed in almost all significant mosques in Turkey and around the world.

If you are looking for high quality mosque carpet and residential carpets or Afghan carpets look no further.

Minimum order quantities are small and in general it is easy to negotiate with this boutique mosque carpet manufacturer.

Aryun Carpet is carpet manufacturer in Turkey Logo

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Mirac Carpet

Another good choice for mosque carpets made in Turkey. Lower requirements for budget and easy negotiations will help you get exactly want you were looking for.

Mirac Carpet carpet manufacturer in Turkey Logo

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De Poortere Deco SA

Belgian manufacturer established in 1859. Even though they might not be as big as some other mentioned carpet manufacturers in this list they are certainly one of the biggest quality and design contributors in carpet industry in whole. De Poortere Deco offer eco friendly products along with Wilton cut and loop pile carpets. With plenty of representators around the world you can easily contact your local representator and ask for their prices and services.

Louis De Poortere Carpet manufacturer in Belgium Logo

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Another Belgian carpet manufacturing legend. Well known for their broadloom carpet quality and designs. Currently outsource most of their brand production in Turkey. Has a big market in USA and Europe.

Also shall be contacted through resellers and might be slightly more costly than other options in this list.

Balta Belgian Carpet manufacturer in Belgium and Turkey Logo

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Ziyavutdinoglu Tekstil

This is bonus factory which is not particularly famous however Ziyavutdinoglu Tekstil carpet manufacturer can offer very wide range of carpets and rugs starting from prayer mats, area rugs, commercial carpets for masjids and hotels.
Very flexible production manufacturer which can offer many solutions out of the box without you ever needing another manufacturer.

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For whom is this list?

This list is for small and medium carpet wholesalers anywhere in the world.

For importers who want to try to get bigger and offer exclusive products on their market for cheaper price.

This Top-10 Carpet factory list not designed to advice to individual consumers which carpet factory or brand is better.

As an experienced exporter of Carpets in Turkey we use more 7 important criteria when considering which manufacturer is best to work with at particular point of time.

In contrast business catalogues or journals usually name biggest carpet manufacturers or paid links from unknown sellers.

Scope of this carpet manufacturers comparison list

Definition of carpet

Carpet is not the same thing as rugs are. In fact, they are different in production and appliance.

Any list that compare carpet manufacturers with rug manufacturers is irrelevant.

As simple analogy between carpet and rugs is that carpet are buses and rugs are more like racing cars.

Carpets are bigger in size and they are designed to withstand high traffic and professional maintenance. Carpets come with 5 to 10 years warranty.

If you order carpet to rug company the product might visually satisfy the client but in the long run you might lose your reputation.

Only Weaved Machine-made Carpet Manufacturers

We consider all manufacturers in this list based on their ability to produce carpets, other flooring products are not considered in this list.

Rugs and other floor covering products are not included although many of manufacturers listed here produce other floor covering products too.

One company might be well known due to their rugs but it is not a factor when we evaluating carpet production capacity.

Only credible manufacturers

Although sometimes smaller and local manufacturers are better option we simply can’t take a risk and include any company we are not sure about.

Companies in this list are well known carpet manufacturers and we have personal experience having business with them.

Our methodology and explanation for Carpet Manufacturers Top 10

  1. Availability of production capacity (20%)
    If the manufacturer doesn’t have the required capacity for your order it does not matter how good the price you will not get the carpet in time. And as carpets are usually made for public and commercial spaces like temples, churches, mosques, hotels, restaurants, offices, theaters they have strict deadlines.
  2. Ease of doing business (10%)
    Buying from manufacturer is not the same as buying from online store or supermarket. Carpet manufacturing requires huge initial investment and is operating as B2B not B2C. This means you should know certain details, nuances and business language
  3. Quality Control (15%)
    Quality control in carpet production is crucial because the usual selling unit for carpets in roll which is 3.66, 4 or 5 meters wide and 25 meters long (12 ft, 13 ft, 16ft x 80ft).
  4. Flexibility and Proactivity (10%)
    Smaller projects which are below 1000m2 are usually very specific and certain adjustments needed to be made on carpet design or during machine production of carpet.

    The bigger manufacturers are not flexible because you can not even talk to them, you only have contact with resellers who usually do not have. This is why with smaller projects even if you agree on quality you might also wait long time for the order to be produced and delivered.

    The smaller manufacturers in the other hand might promise everything you ask for but then underdeliver. Such outcome might damage your reputation and lose the project.
  5. Punctuality (15%)
    In some companies 15 day is 15 days, in others it is 60 days and in third ones it is probably never.
    Do you know what to expect from the carpet manufacturer you deal with?
  6. Capability of operated machinery (15%)
    Some projects require very unique solutions. It might be special color or density or size and shape. Bigger manufacturers usually have the capability to produce such carpets but they lack flexibility to do it sometimes.
    On the other hand smaller manufacturers might be open to any kind of combination but might lack needed equipment to do it.
  7. Capability of work force (15%)
    Even though the name states machine-made the carpet production is very labor intensive. More over carpets require high skilled workforce whether it is operators, quality control, designers or planning manager we talk about. I myself witnessed how mistake of each named above personel costed the factory time and money.

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The overall market for carpets and rugs is $33.7 billion and there are thousands of manufacturers around the world. Each manufacturer has their strong and weak sides.

If you know what exactly you need and the exact manufacturer who can do this job right, then you might save money and time!

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