Reliable Turkish Manufacturer and Exporter Company

ZZ Exporter is a Turkish Manufacturer & Exporter
Turkish Factory & Exporter Team
ZZ Exporter in numbers. We operate since 2008 in 12 countries. Export run by 9 experts. We use 4 factories to produce our products and Pirvate labels.
Our Clients are Small Businesses
Small Businesses have limited budget
Small Businesses don't have business network
Small Businesses Don't Know Product Details
Small Businesses have no Quality Control
ZZ Exporter Takes Care Of Your Budget
ZZ Exporter Has Strong Business Network
ZZ Exporter Knows Details About Textile & FMCG
ZZ Exporter Guarantee Quality Control
ZZ Exporter Services
Turkish Home Textile Exporter Turkish FMCG Exporter
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Reliable Partner in Turkey

Innovative Turkish
Manufacturer & Exporter

ZZ Exporter is a Turkish Manufacturer and Exporter established in 2008.
Our focus as Turkish exporter is to supply right product to right market. As a manufacturer we know our products well.
Mainly focus on Textiles and FMCG products. 

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We serve Small Businesses

Unlike many other suppliers in Turkey, we are not looking for big importers. Instead, we focus to serve Small Businesses around the world.

Why we prefer Small Business?

  1. Diversify risks
    As a Turkish exporter factory we aim to be stable. ZZ Exporter prefers to work with several smaller businesses rather one big client. Such approach is more difficult and time-consuming. But thanks to this approach we deliver all our promises even during crises in Turkey and in the World.
  2. Stay proactive
    Having several many small businesses as partners is more effort consuming. It is easier to have bigger export clients. However, the bigger the export partner the less professional and active producer becomes.
    We prefer to work with small businesses in order to be independent company financially & intellectually. This way we can continue to grow as proactive, creative and flexible manufacturer company in Turkey.

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Problems Small Businesses face in international trade?

There are 4 main types of obstacles 80% international trade companies face every day.

1. Limited Budget

As the name suggest the Small Businesses are generally very tight on budget. Especially when it comes to “budget for mistakes”.
There is simply no room for mistakes.

Common mistakes in international trade:

  • Purchased wrong product
  • Misunderstanding of terms & conditions
  • Unethical behavior of producer/factory
  • Unexpected charges and costs

Most companies face up to 2 problems during a single trade.
Each of listed issues might result in money loss. Most merciful of which is just shrink your profit. Experienced, well financed wholesalers can eliminate some of these international trade obstacles, but the rest are out of your reach simply because made by factory or shipment company. Even bigger importers can not solve these issues as it requires regular presence in Turkey visits to manufacturers.

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Weak Network

International fairs are the best place to get know the manufacturer before giving your money. You work with staff, not the company. Those are hired employee which might leave their company at any time. How many trade fairs are organized during COVID-19?

No Time to Study

Sometimes there is a new trend, and you know this product would sell well in your country, city. However, you’re not quite familiar with this new product. How do you decide which brand is better? Which model will be more convenient for your clients? Maybe there is a variation of the product that your manufacturer cannot produce as a consequence will not inform you, so you do not go to their competitor?

The average product study period is around 3 months.

You can either risk and encounter problems that are listed above or you can study the product and miss the moment when there is almost no competition.

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No Quality Control

If you do not have quality control on the manufacturer site, you are risking your profit. If the producer does not detect faulty product you will buy, transport, pay customs, pay vat, store in warehouse for some time and only then find out. Even if the factory will cover the cost of the product, you already paid other costs which combined are usually more than the cost of that same product. No one will refund those loses to you.

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Solutions to importer’s problems

As ZZ Exporter we understand that solving international trade problems is vital.
We constantly improve our solutions to export & import problems.

Secure your budget

With responsible manufacturer and exporter your budget will be secured. You will have advantages over competitors:

  • Advice on product that is most suitable in your case
  • Samples will be provided before production
  • Clear terms and conditions with all details spoken in advance
  • No surprise charges during production, export, transportation
  • Shipping under our control: low rates, correct export documents, the shortest routes

Just here ZZ Exporter will save you at least $1,000 — $3,000 per order. About 10% savings for average order.

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Strong Business Network

Being on market since 2008 gives us important privileges when it comes to business connections with manufacturers. We have established business relations with most manufacturers in our categories. This is valuable knowledge that you can benefit from:

  • Direct contact with management
  • Negotiate best prices and conditions
  • Intel on product quality & prices for better competition

We have close connections with shipping companies. Our shipment solutions are cheaper and secure when compared to foreign agents.

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Knowledge is our power

As a manufacturer with many clients around the world we always aware of new technologies and trends. Similarly, we continuously work with R&D laboratories and have latest information about innovations in our industry.

Thanks to this we can predict new trends, offer relevant products, and avoid mistakes other manufacturers do

With us you have immediate advantage over your competitors as if you were running R&D company.

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Quality Control

Many businessmen think investing in quality control is additional cost that will increase price of product. Although it is true initially, in the medium and long runs good QC will save your profit.

In our experience production without quality control will result in 2% to 4% defective items per shipment. If defective items are not detected before shipment, their cost increase by 100% after international shipment, import taxes, VAT and storage. Most of the time you will not sell failed items. On average, you will lose about 5% of your profit on every shipment.

This is another hidden cost that many exporters and importers do not see immediately.

We always consider quality of our products and aim to reduce the defective item shipment percentage to 0%.

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Our services

Home Textile

Home textile is main category we manufacture and exporting.
After 5 years of designing, marketing and exporting we started manufacturing Carpets & Rugs, Bed Linens & Towels


With increasing demand and number of consumers around the world we started independent FMCG division. Within couple of years we achieved good level of understanding of the markets and products.

Right now we are official distributors of several Turkish detergents, soaps, cosmetics brands as well as supplier of A-brand FMCG brands like P&G, Unilever, Henkel.

Detergents, Diapers, Cosmetics, Pasta

Turkish FMCG Brands ready for Export. Include A-brands P&G, Henkel


ZZ Exporter is a solution company in first place. Our focus is to deliver solutions for international buyers in Turkey.

You can always contact us for consultation on any business in Turkey.

We will provide you solution if we have such or advise you best option we can.

Contact us

Your offers

We are part of World’s trade chain which means we also buy and constantly look for new products & suppliers.

If you have an offer, question, or something you want to us to know, please feel free to contact us.

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Reliable Turkish Manufacturer

Our mission is to become reliable partner in Turkey for distributors, wholesalers and traders in Europe, Africa, Australia and East.
We respect you, your time and your budget.

ZZ Exporter in numbers

We export from Turkey since 2008 and by now have experience in 12 countries around the world.
Our team is currently consist of 9 independent experts.
We do manufacture and export Textiles and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods.
We also produce our Private Labels.

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