About ZZ Exporter

ZZ Exporter LTD. is a professional Turkish export and marketing company who focuses only on products made in Turkey. Founded in 2015 by an experienced team we produce, source and export FMCG and Textile items to Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America.

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Currently more than 20 Turkish factories trust their brands to be exported and marketed by us in Asia and America.

Every year we grow our manufacturing and customer base by 100% on average

Why ZZ Exporter is successful:

  1. Unshakable trust by both customers and manufacturers. We personally know every person who is involved in the production of our orders. We also always interview are potential customers about their experience, needs and business pains. Knowing all the details allows us to monitor and instantly react to any situation through production and delivery.
  2. All parties are secured:
    1. the manufacturer will get paid.
    1. the customer will get their order or refund no matter what.
  3. Knowledge of customer’s needs and factories’ capability.
  4. Door-to-door delivery – from any port in Turkey, to any port in the world and then if needed to customer warehouse. We have contracts with the biggest international shipment companies, like Arkas, Maersk Line, MSC, CMA, Hapag-Lloyd and smaller companies.
  5. Aftersales care – our goal is to work at least 5 years with each buyer. To achieve this goal, we offer our expertise in solving problems. ZZ Exporter LTD. will provide instructions to increase sales, fix problems and to adapt to new conditions on the market.
Logistics to import from Turkey

How to import from Turkey

We are exporting goods in 7 categories to 12 different countries every month. ZZ Export is expert in choosing right company to transport your goods at lowest cost.

With all above we offer to our clients a win/win solutionyou benefit of our experience, status and combined order volume decreasing costs on each step those increasing profit and growth faster than competitors.

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